Cusco to Puno

We were in Cusco and we drove down to Puno. Puno is a town on the edge of Lake Titicaca. On the drive there we passed the second highest point on the trip at 4300m. Quite surreal being at that height and it looks just like any other spot in the countryside.

We were only there for a two nights. First stop was a rather bizarre park that overlooked the city. It had two large snakes you could walk through as well as a giant puma you stepped up between its front legs to a lookout. That place also was where the photos of everyone being Peruvian natives were taken.

Puno, to be honest, is not the most exciting city. Except, when we arrived everyone was celebrating. We tried finding out what was being celebrated and were just told that they always celebrate in February... except this was now March, but it was great, every so often a big group of people would go dancing past, complete with their own band. I really want my own band to follow me around.

In the morning we leapt up and headed for Lake Titicaca, then in the evening, after dinner we visited a nightclub where everyone got tattoos drawn on their arms. Nothing like a bit of art and culture to raise and evening.

Leaving Cusco and heading for Puno
12:09am 4th March 2012
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We hit the snow line!
12:46am 4th March 2012
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And saw a cute lamb
12:52am 4th March 2012
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Looking down the valley pass
12:53am 4th March 2012
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Me at Abra la Raya pass
12:53am 4th March 2012
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And another one at the pass
12:53am 4th March 2012
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Abra la Raya pass - 4338m above sea level
12:55am 4th March 2012
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And just in case you don't believe me, here is a sign
12:56am 4th March 2012
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Some of the stalls you find everywhere when you're a tourist
12:58am 4th March 2012
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Another stall
12:58am 4th March 2012
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Looking back towards Cusco - 3m downhill already apparently
12:59am 4th March 2012
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Parque Mirador de Puma at Puno
3:52am 4th March 2012
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Me with Puno in the background
3:56am 4th March 2012
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This is why its called Parque Mirador de Puma
3:58am 4th March 2012
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Manuel and Netsumi in Puno
3:59am 4th March 2012
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Heather and Ralph, they're a natural couple
4:00am 4th March 2012
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Something is wrong in this picture...
4:00am 4th March 2012
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Manuel and Tina
4:01am 4th March 2012
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We arrived in Puno during one of the (many) festivals
5:09am 4th March 2012
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Puno Cathedral from the main square
5:13am 4th March 2012
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This group of dancers was going for hours
6:29am 4th March 2012
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Back and forth, up and down the streets
6:29am 4th March 2012
1200x900 353kb

Apparently they won a main prize
6:30am 4th March 2012
675x900 269kb

And wanted to show it off
6:30am 4th March 2012
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Everyone about to head down to Lake Titicaca
8:11pm 4th March 2012
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Tina and myself travelling in style
8:14pm 4th March 2012
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A stealth picture of a local with her huge backpack of stuff
8:16pm 4th March 2012
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8:56am 5th March 2012
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Our cultural moment with a university group showing local dances from different areas of Peru
9:53am 5th March 2012
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Then we went to the Positive Rock 'n Raeggae bar
10:13am 5th March 2012
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Where you can draw notes and leave them on the wall
10:49am 5th March 2012
1200x900 236kb

So we left our mark
10:49am 5th March 2012
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Jansen getting his tattoo
10:49am 5th March 2012
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Netsumi's turn now
10:55am 5th March 2012
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