Lake Titicaca

While we were in Puno we had a day trip out on Lake Titicaca.

We visited the floating islands, aka the Uros Islands. These islands are made out of reeds and literally float on the surface. If the people don't like where they are, they can pull up anchor and shift them. They need to keep replacing the reeds as the old ones rot away, layering them up as needed.

It was interesting to see how they live on the islands, but I was feeling a little uncomfortable. Walking around and taking photos felt almost exploitive at times, but they were very friendly and understanding, I suppose they get a lot of tourists like us.

Then we headed for Taquile, staggering up to the top for a very nice lunch and a quite lesson on how the locals dress. If you know the codes, you can tell if someone is single, married, eligable, how long they've been married, basically anything you wanted to know. The courting ritual was interesting as well.

If a guy likes a girl, he gets to toss a small stone at her back. She then turns around, if she likes what she sees, the two of them will live together for a year. If that works out, they will get married, if it doesn't work out, they then go their seperate ways. If they do get married, they marry for life. There is no such thing as devorce on the island. It sounds to me like a very practical system.

The return trip was slow and there was much playing of cards. We discovered a certain person (no names to protect the innocent) was slightly challenged when it came to playing honestly. However once their unorthodox playing style was discovered, they were watched like hawks.

The Uros people showing off how they build their floating islands on Lake Titicaca
9:13pm 4th March 2012
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Then the ladies gave us a demonstration of bartering
9:22pm 4th March 2012
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Jansen and Heather go native on Lake Titicaca
9:33pm 4th March 2012
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Jansen, Heather and one of the locals
9:33pm 4th March 2012
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9:36pm 4th March 2012
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This is one their gardens - all floating over a lot of feet of water
9:39pm 4th March 2012
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You get the option for a very touristy boat ride (we politely declined)
9:51pm 4th March 2012
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Each island has its own group waiting for their corresponding batch of tourists
9:53pm 4th March 2012
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These are the reeds they use
9:55pm 4th March 2012
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Boats are the only way to get around
9:56pm 4th March 2012
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Ralph and Heather on Lake Titicaca
10:01pm 4th March 2012
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Ralph and Heather again
10:20pm 4th March 2012
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Manuel and Tina, working hard
10:21pm 4th March 2012
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Tina has a bout of activity
10:26pm 4th March 2012
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Then she goes back to holding the cushions down again
11:08pm 4th March 2012
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First glimpse of the Island of Taquile on Lake Titicaca
12:14am 5th March 2012
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Entrance gate to Taquile Island
12:28am 5th March 2012
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The walk up to the main square almost killed me
12:34am 5th March 2012
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A bit over 2000 people live on the island
12:40am 5th March 2012
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And cows don't seem to have a problem with the altitude
12:41am 5th March 2012
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This is another one I recognise from gardens back home
12:45am 5th March 2012
1200x900 328kb

Bell tower of the church in the main square
12:46am 5th March 2012
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One of the entrances to the main square
12:47am 5th March 2012
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Kei and Netsumi at Tequile Island
12:53am 5th March 2012
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The bell tower may need some work done to it
12:56am 5th March 2012
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Some of the locals
12:57am 5th March 2012
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Lunch - (trout)
1:32am 5th March 2012
1200x900 354kb

Having lunch on Tequile
1:33am 5th March 2012
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Walking back down to the lake was a lot easier than walking up
2:55am 5th March 2012
1200x900 408kb

And we could admire the views
2:58am 5th March 2012
1200x900 394kb

A different entrance gate
2:59am 5th March 2012
1200x900 242kb

Notice the rather unique hinges on the gate
3:00am 5th March 2012
1200x900 333kb

Still walking down
3:05am 5th March 2012
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Some of the boats the islanders use
3:10am 5th March 2012
1200x900 372kb

Our boat with everyone on the sun deck
3:13am 5th March 2012
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Ralph, Jansen, Netsumi and Manuel playing cards on the way back
3:57am 5th March 2012
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Heading back through the reeds
5:22am 5th March 2012
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It sometimes isn't as deep as you think it is
5:27am 5th March 2012
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