These are the pictures that don't really fit into one of the other sections. They include my emotional departure and exausted return (If you want to see how I looked with approximately 5hrs sleep out of 48hrs, that is a remarkably good approximation.

One of the more fasinating things I found on my trip were the crop circles around Denver - the farmers there use huge rotating booms for irrigation which means the crops are farmed in literal circles. What was even more amazing is how they then harvest in wedges.

I would like to take this opportunity to stress, I did see more of New York than just that one bridge, I just didn't have my camera with me. I had left my backpack at the apartment where I was staying, so was camera-less for my walk, however, I did see Central Park and a nice chunk of the upper west side.

Arriving home was a wonderful feeling, sure it was the end of the trip, but I was well and truely exausted. In the photo, I have been in the house for about 10minutes and am dumping all of my stuff into the entry hall in search of pressies. (Thats Mum on the step - I think she was relieved to see her son home)

Starting off on the big adventure
Somewhere over Quebec, flying into New York
My one and only photo of New York
This photo of me was taken by a security guard testing my camera in Vancouver
These bizarre crop circles are the irrigation patterns near Denver
Arriving home at the end of it all

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