I was only in Denver for about four days. First stop was the "Ocean's Journey" exhibit. Highly recommended, even more so if you're a fisherman like me - you'll oogle at the trout for ages. I also visited the Museum, did the IMAX movie thing (Shackleton's journey is brilliant)

Just walking around the city is a lot of fun. In the main mall, there is a little shop off to one side called the "Knox Gallery" which seem to specialise in bronze sculptures, a lot of which are dotted around outside the shop. Some of them are a little strange for me, but some of them were brilliant.

The airport is nice too. (I got to see a lot of airports)

These pics all came from Underwater Journey
So did these
Sea horse
I did not expect to see a tiger in what is billed as an aquarium, but there was one
These statues were from the Knox Gallery and sit out in the open. I loved the pig.
A wolf pack outside the Natural History Museum. If you go there, see if you can find the rabbit
Park near the museum
Flying to Vegas. Somewhere there is the Grand Canyon

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