I was in Casper for about a week. Most people say: "Why Casper?" and I say, "Why not?" Ok, not the most tourist friendly of places I went to, but I do have relatives there and it did turn out to be better than they let on, plus it snowed. Most people in the US don't think thats anything special, but coming from Australia, yes it is.

I had a surprising amount of fun there. A lot of this was due to my Aunt who did her best to plan out things to do and then made sure I did them. I felt like I got to meet half the city. (Note - in the US, Casper is a town, in Australia it would be a city). I got to see the Casper College play of "Anything Goes" which was surprisingly good actually. And how many other airports in the US can boast a flying Polish MIG?

Don't go to Casper if you want to experience the thrill of Disneyland, but do go if you want to see something a little away from the norm. Don't worry, its not Hicksville if thats what you're worried about.

Casper from a few thousand feet
This is the Casper College mascot - the Spirit of the Thunderbird
Deer :)
The Virginian Hotel, Medicine Bow.
Apparently, if you know Westerns, you know this place
North Platte River
The 'burbs of Casper
A little creek on the Great Plains
A water feature

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