Route 66

There is not a lot of Route 66 left, we drove the longest part of it which is pretty much Vegas to the Grand Canyon. More accurately Kingman to about Williams. There is a highway you could take if you wanted to, the I40. Don't take Route 66. My Dad was driven along it as a child, my grandmother drove it and now I can say I've driven at least a section of it.

Part of me is honest and goes, "Yeap, it's a road" but it's an iconic piece of road. We spent the night in Kingman, then headed on up the road. Part of the attraction to me is the fading Americana, towns that are disappearing away, gas stations that are melding into the bushes, painted signs slowly being bleached white. Then there are the places that are bucking the trend and having all sorts of quirky things to try and attract the passing motorists. It is a drive of a different era that you just don't see these days.

Seligman's claim to fame is "last town bypassed by the interstate" Not sure if that is a legit claim to fame or not, but they're quite proud of it. A massive motoring town, it's gas stations, diners and cheap hotels. Lots of garish signs and painted banners. We were told the movie Cars 3 used the town as inspiration for the town in the movie. I can believe it.

It's a shame there wasn't more Route 66. I kind of like the idea of returning and driving as much of it as I could. It definately gave an appriciation for the journey rather than simply getting to your destination.

A genuine Route 66 hotel
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At the electric car museum, Kingman
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Electric car museum, Kingman
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Electric car museum, Kingman
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Electric car museum, Kingman
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Train at Kingman
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Route 66
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Seligman, apparently Cars was based on this town
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Route 66 artwork
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I loved the old advertising
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A bison in Tusayan
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And now a deer
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