After visiting the South Rim of the Grand Canyon we headed east and then north, up towards Page. Was quite strange to suddenly pull away from the side of the Grand Canyon and the place is just flat. You drive along the 89, the turn to the right and suddenly you're driving up the side of a small mountain range.

Partway up there is a pull in bay. If you're there, pull in and look back at the view. It's quite impressive and what is very noticable with some height is what you thought was flat ground is actually flat ground with a lot of canyons hidden in it.

There is a very impressive pass they've chistled into the rock, then more flatness and quite a way further along is Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River. You'll notice it because of the number of cars suddenly parked in the middle of nowhere. No services or information there (yet, they have some planned apparently) but you walk up and over a hill, then down the other side and suddenly there is a huge sweeping bend in the Colorado. Very spectacular and full of people hanging off the edge looking like they're going to kill themselves from the drop. Certainly worth the trip.

We drove up to Page just a little further up the road. It's right beside Glen Canyon Dam which holds back Lake Powell. We were only staying the night there. Ash past a BBQ place and was suddenly enthused to get BBQ, but they had a band on and a line around the corner and I just wanted food. In hindsite, I probably should have gone for the BBQ

Not much more to say about Page. The following morning we did Antelope Canyon, then back the way we came towards the North Rim. Driving back down the 89 to the 89A, that was fun, quite a steep descent.

Horseshoe Bend
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Horseshoe Bend
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Crimson Cliffs
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Horseshoe Bend
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Track down to the Horseshoe Bend
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This little guy was in the courtyard of the hotel
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