Uyuni is the gateway to the salt flats and the Bolivian highlands. As far as towns go, it was probably the least appealing town we visited. It's in the middle of nowhere. I believe it was established as a railway junction workshop, hence the multiple tracks which run through town and also the train cemetery just out of town.

The town itself is spread out, sparse, dusty and does not have much to do. We started our 4x4 trek there, heading out to the salt flats first, then on through the mountains, but they have their own pages

On the road heading to Uyuni
4:04am 11th March 2012
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On the road heading to Uyuni
4:05am 11th March 2012
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I call these the bacon hills
4:06am 11th March 2012
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It did start to rain, then snow on us on the way
4:58am 11th March 2012
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A rainbow over the landscape
5:30am 11th March 2012
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Welcome to the first glimpses of the Bolivian highlands
5:34am 11th March 2012
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And now the first glimpse of Uyuni
5:39am 11th March 2012
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The main road in Uyuni, thats the soccer stadium on the right
9:11pm 11th March 2012
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Av Ferroviaria, the other main road in Uyuni. Not much happens there.
9:14pm 11th March 2012
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I did love this former railway vehicle
9:23pm 11th March 2012
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Statue on the main road, you can tell its a railway junction
9:23pm 11th March 2012
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A carved door in Uyuni, most unexpected
9:27pm 11th March 2012
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