Sucre is a town on the edge of the Bolivian highlands. It was the capital of Bolivia for a while, it was close enough to get some of the money from the silver mines in Potosi so it has a certain eligance to it. Due to our minor travel disaster in La Paz we lost a day in Sucre, which was a shame, I would have liked the opportunity to look around more.

It is an amazing place to walk around. Very Spanish, just about every building is white washed, most of the buildings have their own courtyard, so you walk in off the street and suddenly into a different world.

If you do go there, I can recommend walking up to the hill to Plaza Anzures, it looks out over the town and there is also a nice cafe that does some very good munchies.

The market is worth a visit, but most markets are. Sucre Market is special though, that's where Bob came from, but I don't expect anyone would be able to find anything like Bob, regardless of how hard they look.

A couch in our hotel in Sucre
2:46am 9th March 2012
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Me at Plaza Anzures with Sucre in the background
3:21am 9th March 2012
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This was originally the Archbishop's Palace, then the Government Palace in the main square at Sucre
4:52am 9th March 2012
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Courtyard of our hotel the Independencia
5:09am 9th March 2012
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Another pic of the courtyard
6:50am 9th March 2012
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Ralph and Manuel playing pool in Sucre
8:17am 9th March 2012
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Meat section of Sucre's central market
9:12pm 9th March 2012
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More of the market
9:12pm 9th March 2012
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Sucre had such interesting doors
9:33pm 9th March 2012
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This paw was on the base of a statue in Sucre
9:36pm 9th March 2012
1200x900 410kb

And the statue itself
9:36pm 9th March 2012
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I loved the door knockers
11:07pm 9th March 2012
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Wonderful carved door in Sucre
11:57pm 9th March 2012
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A lovely door in Sucre, inside needs some work though
12:00am 10th March 2012
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Heading towards Potosi
2:15am 10th March 2012
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