San Ignacio

San Ignacio was the first stop in Belize. Belize is an anomaly. It's English speaking, very chilled and has a different vibe to other countries. Entering Belize is bizarre, you travel across the border, everything looks more or less the same, except suddenly you can read the signs and understand the people. It's like entering some weird science fiction meeting.

Admittedly, there is not a lot to do in San Ignacio. Lounging by the pool. There are some Mayan ruins I didn't go to, however there are some amazing caves.

We went to Actun Tunichil Muknal, aka the ATM cave. To get there you drive for about an hour, walk for half an hour, cross a river three times, get suited up for caving, then swim over a 7m deep pool to get into the cave.

The cave is worth is for the cave itself. It's a wet cave, so you swim, walk and climb and get very wet. Over a kilometre inside, you take off your shoes, climb up the rocks and find yourself in a huge chamber used by the Mayans.

The professionals are still figuring out exactly what went on in there. There are lots of ceremonial pots, each one broken so its energies are released. There are fourteen skeletons and almost everything is concreted into the bedrock of the cave due to the yearly flooding. You have to walk really, really carefully in case you step on anything, hence the wearing of socks.

If you're in the area, you should really stop by.

I think these might be ginger plants too
9:57pm 1st April 2012
1200x900 219kb

More orchids
10:06pm 1st April 2012
675x900 252kb

Making our way up to the ATM cave
12:06am 2nd April 2012
1200x900 419kb

There were multiple water crossings
12:07am 2nd April 2012
1200x900 546kb

Three times in fact
12:22am 2nd April 2012
1200x900 509kb

The river on the way to Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM)
12:22am 2nd April 2012
1200x900 503kb

Getting ready to go into ATM
12:50am 2nd April 2012
1200x900 386kb

Entering ATM
12:57am 2nd April 2012
675x900 354kb

Fish in the creek outside of ATM
12:57am 2nd April 2012
1200x900 364kb

The creek that flows out of ATM
12:58am 2nd April 2012
1200x900 516kb

This is my adventuring pose
1:00am 2nd April 2012
675x900 360kb

Embedded pottery inside of Actun Tunichil Muknal
2:32am 2nd April 2012
1200x900 247kb

Lots of broken pottery inside ATM
2:32am 2nd April 2012
1200x900 257kb

Interesting cave formations
2:37am 2nd April 2012
1200x900 244kb

More pottery, here you can see the calcification
2:42am 2nd April 2012
1200x900 255kb

Flowstone inside ATM
2:44am 2nd April 2012
675x900 172kb

Flowstone and matching shawls
2:46am 2nd April 2012
1200x900 282kb

Broken pottery
2:47am 2nd April 2012
1200x900 265kb

Sophie and a big pot
2:48am 2nd April 2012
1200x900 282kb

A large pot with a rare emblem on it, probably a monkey
2:48am 2nd April 2012
1200x900 272kb

Pots, notice the hole. All the pots in the cave a broken, so they can release their energies
2:55am 2nd April 2012
1200x900 260kb

Pots and a very calcified skeleton
3:01am 2nd April 2012
1200x900 231kb

There are two skeltons here, probably washed down the flowstone
3:05am 2nd April 2012
1200x900 233kb

Some of the limestone shawls and flowstone
3:05am 2nd April 2012
1200x900 287kb

Columns within ATM
3:10am 2nd April 2012
675x900 222kb

The floor of the cave, you walk on it in your socks
3:11am 2nd April 2012
1200x900 219kb

Dripping stalagmites - its a living cave
3:17am 2nd April 2012
1200x900 259kb

The famous Crystal Maiden, which we were told was an older male
3:31am 2nd April 2012
1200x900 232kb

With the right lighting, we have the scary look
3:32am 2nd April 2012
1200x900 270kb

Next to it is another embedded skeleton
3:40am 2nd April 2012
1200x900 250kb

Another impressive flowstone
3:41am 2nd April 2012
1200x900 274kb

Ginger flower by our hotel in San Ignacio
9:34pm 2nd April 2012
675x900 184kb

James would sleep anywhere
10:35pm 2nd April 2012
1200x900 252kb

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