Salar de Uyuni

Just out of Uyuni is Salar de Uyuni, aka the salt flats. It is what it says, a huge salf flat. Locals are permitted to harvest salt within a certain radius of their village; so there is a little village on the edge which takes the salt, dries it, grinds it, then puts it into little bags.

The village itself is interesting, they use salt blocks as building blocks, then out of town on the salt flat itself they rake the salt into piles, leave it for four weeks to dry out; shovel it into a truck, then take it to town to dry out more.

The salt flat themselves are just a huge expanse of white. You get spectacular scenes. The day we were there there was a storm so we had this fantastic atmospheric feeling. Because the salt flats are just an expanse of white, they're well known for perspective shots, so we got to do all the silly things by abusing perspective, some with better results than the others.

Before leaving we stopped at a pool of water on the flats which gave some amazing reflections. I also discovered that salt flats really hurt to walk on in bare feet.

We hit the salt flats, that's a big pile of salt
11:46pm 11th March 2012
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Those funny white bricks at the top - they're salt too
11:53pm 11th March 2012
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Tina ready to head out onto the salt flats
12:38am 12th March 2012
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Netsumi at the salt flats
12:48am 12th March 2012
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Salar de Uyuni - The salt flats
12:59am 12th March 2012
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Fantastic scenary
1:01am 12th March 2012
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It goes on for miles
1:07am 12th March 2012
1200x803 179kb

Manuel works his magic
1:32am 12th March 2012
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And you get to be chased by dinosaurs
1:39am 12th March 2012
1200x803 165kb

Jana taking it easy
1:43am 12th March 2012
1200x735 153kb

Early on in the photoshoot
1:44am 12th March 2012
1200x801 158kb

Further into the photoshoot
1:45am 12th March 2012
1200x803 252kb

Netsumi finding inner peace
1:46am 12th March 2012
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Jana and Netsumi searching for meaning
1:57am 12th March 2012
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Netsumi is way too flexiable
1:59am 12th March 2012
592x900 88kb

I can meditate on a bottle of wine (Yes, I can cross my legs like that)
2:03am 12th March 2012
1200x844 157kb

See what I mean?
2:06am 12th March 2012
1200x782 153kb

This is not a natural pose
2:06am 12th March 2012
1200x803 214kb

The salt bring out the flexibility in everyone
2:08am 12th March 2012
1200x803 248kb

These are the salt crystals on the surface and yes, they do hurt to walk on in bare feet
2:11am 12th March 2012
1200x803 293kb

Bob hitches a lift on Tina's hat
2:14am 12th March 2012
1200x803 200kb

We had some spectacular weather for it, I'm glad it was not just blue sky
2:16am 12th March 2012
1200x803 137kb

Everyone got to make fools of themselves in front of the camera
2:16am 12th March 2012
1200x803 198kb

This is our guide getting ready to jump
2:19am 12th March 2012
1200x803 226kb

I loved the way the salt just disappears to the horizon
2:23am 12th March 2012
1200x803 222kb

The storm front gave it a much more moody atmosphere
2:29am 12th March 2012
1200x803 175kb

I took a lot of photos of it
2:29am 12th March 2012
1200x781 122kb

This is how they harvest the salt, rake it into piles, leave to to dry, then take it to town
2:32am 12th March 2012
1200x803 255kb

Everyone just walked off towards the horizon
2:33am 12th March 2012
1200x803 220kb

Tina took more photos
2:34am 12th March 2012
1200x778 121kb

Ralph, heather and Jana on the salt flats
2:40am 12th March 2012
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Then we found some water which gives amazing reflections
2:51am 12th March 2012
1200x763 131kb

Ralph and Heather showing true love
2:55am 12th March 2012
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So everyone had to have their photo taken with the reflections
2:57am 12th March 2012
1200x803 220kb

See what I mean?
2:57am 12th March 2012
1200x803 192kb

We drove in a Toyosa!
2:57am 12th March 2012
1200x803 666kb

I have no idea what this was, but I doubt it works now
2:58am 12th March 2012
1200x803 344kb

The truck is a local truck filled with salt. The 4x4s are filled with tourists
3:04am 12th March 2012
1200x762 139kb

Our driver liked his after-market accessories in the car
3:09am 12th March 2012
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