Potosi is a mining town at the base of Cerro Rico. The Spanish discovered silver in the mountain and set up silver mines. Over the years, they took out at least 46,000 tonnes of silver. That is a mind boggling amount. They're still mining it at the moment.

According to our guide, the mountain is several hundred metres lower now than it was and has thousands of shafts in it, about 700 are currently in use and its possible to go from one side of the mountain to the other completely underground, if you know the way.

The town itself has a feel of a mining town, but a prosperous mining town. I went to the mint which is now a museum. The tour I was on had a Spanish guide, but I had been assured the exhibits had English plaques on them. Well, probably two or three did. Some things I had no idea what they were going on about, but most of the things I could figure out. If you like old machinery you should have a look.

We did go for a tour in the mine. I've been on mine tours in Australia and the Bolivian approach are quite different. As my sister would say, "Safety Sam doesn't visit very often" we were assured the safety record was good, but I find that hard to believe.

The mountain has two or three owners, a miner can go to the owner, pay a fee and a percentage of what they find and the miner can then start digging. Miners then employ workers who also get a salary and a percentage and hope they'll one day become a miner. On our tour, we met Pedro who was very friendly and enthusiastic and we still have no idea how he fitted up some of the tunnels to get to the working face.

Going down the mine was interesting to say the least. Most places when you visit, you provide a tip. For the miners, you bring them a gift. We stopped at a shop and they gave us the options of stuff we could buy for the miners. I took the easy route and went for a pre-packed bag of a drink, coca leaves and some sort of munchies. I should have bought them a stick of TNT, it cost 20bol and I could have got it with ammonium nitrate for a bigger bang. It was recommended we didn't buy the detonators though since they may be a little unstable.

Walking into the mine, we had on overalls, boots and a hard hat. It was wet, it at over 4000m so if you start finding it hard to breath, you're not sure if its the altitude or perhaps a bad pocket of air in the mine itself. It was dark inside; low ceilings, I had to be careful where I stood up; the beams and bracing was all tree trunks. We were shown some of the tunnels, then got to climb up (literally climb) a shaft to find a working face where we met Pedro, the miner who was working that area. Big language issues, but a cool guy, but a hair raising walk to work each morning.

It was interesting to see the mine working like that - lots of little miners. If it was in Australia, it would be a single company and they'd just take the top off and bring in the massive machinery. It's somehow refreshing to see things done that way. Hair-raising at the same time though.

Welcome to Potosi, world's highest city - 4070m
2:55am 10th March 2012
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Potosi is dominated by Cerro Rico, the mountain they mine for silver
3:06am 10th March 2012
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Someone's garage door in Potosi
3:57am 10th March 2012
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I'm guessing this is a crane in Potosi
4:02am 10th March 2012
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Plaza 10 de Noviembre, one of the central plazas in Potosi
4:09am 10th March 2012
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Main door of the National Mint at Potosi
4:25am 10th March 2012
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Main door of the National Mint at Potosi
4:25am 10th March 2012
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First courtyard in Casa National de la Moneda (National Mint, now a museum)
4:38am 10th March 2012
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Sundial in the mint
4:46am 10th March 2012
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Badge on one of the steam trains on display in the mint
4:48am 10th March 2012
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Old die stamps used in making coins and medals
5:04am 10th March 2012
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The original horse drawn punches
5:09am 10th March 2012
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They look like medieval torture devices
5:09am 10th March 2012
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A carved frog made out of a single piece of stone
5:22am 10th March 2012
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Arches in the mint
5:32am 10th March 2012
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An old typesetting machine they had there
5:38am 10th March 2012
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Some of the silver displays
5:38am 10th March 2012
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My artistic shot of the old gears
5:45am 10th March 2012
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One of the locks at the Mint
5:47am 10th March 2012
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Milling machinery in the mint
5:48am 10th March 2012
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One of the old presses
5:53am 10th March 2012
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La Merced, one of the old churches in Potosi
6:02am 10th March 2012
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This cash register was in our hotel
6:53am 10th March 2012
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These are gifts we could buy to give to the miners - goodie bags of food, drink and coca leaves. 94% alcohol. Ammonium Nitrate. Even sticks of TNT
8:30pm 10th March 2012
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Kei's next friend
8:40pm 10th March 2012
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An old sewing machine... very old
8:42pm 10th March 2012
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Cerro Rico and all the different mines over it
9:09pm 10th March 2012
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Getting ready for the mine in Potosi
9:13pm 10th March 2012
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Jana, Manuel and Kei all set for the mines
9:14pm 10th March 2012
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Jana and Heather and their friend
9:35pm 10th March 2012
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Walking in the dark...
9:48pm 10th March 2012
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The entrance we used and what looks like asbestos on the walls
9:50pm 10th March 2012
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Manuel discovers he can find valuables in the ground
10:15pm 10th March 2012
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Then everyone else had to have a shot
10:16pm 10th March 2012
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Pedro and Manuel
10:22pm 10th March 2012
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Pedro and Netsumi
10:22pm 10th March 2012
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Jana and Pedro
10:23pm 10th March 2012
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Mineral deposits
10:27pm 10th March 2012
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Back down the rabbit hole
10:28pm 10th March 2012
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Jansen waiting his turn
10:29pm 10th March 2012
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I never noticed the broken beam at the time, I just wanted a shot of the tunnel
10:32pm 10th March 2012
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Netsumi. I wonder if she knew about that beam above her?
10:32pm 10th March 2012
602x900 210kb

Netsumi heading back to the surface
10:36pm 10th March 2012
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Back out on the surface and looking at the tailing dumps
10:46pm 10th March 2012
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Looking back up at the remains of a once proud mountain
10:47pm 10th March 2012
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