Playa del Carmen

Playa was the last stop on the Central American tour. We came back into Mexico by boat from Belize. Never entered a country by boat before. Then an OCC bus up to Playa.

To be honest, I was not a fan of Playa. After being in all the genuine Mexican towns, Playa felt artificial and commercial. It was a nice place, but it feels like a generic tourist trap. There are lots of opportunities to go shopping; lots of places to eat and drink and some rather superficial places on the beach

It is centered around the beach and some of the beach clubs have to be seen to be believed. There is nothing wrong with it, but I don't think I'm going to be going back in a hurry. That all said, I can think of worse places to end a tour.

The towel arrangement in our hotel, no it wasn't a honeymoon suite
8:20am 6th April 2012
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5th Ave in Playa del Carmen
11:33pm 6th April 2012
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The beach at the front of the Mosquito Beach hotel
11:44pm 6th April 2012
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Looking up Playa's beach
11:48pm 6th April 2012
1200x900 199kb

And now looking down the Playa beach
11:48pm 6th April 2012
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Birds in the weed before they rake it up
11:52pm 6th April 2012
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These three horses are on top of a pub in Playa del Carmen
1:32am 7th April 2012
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The ferry to Cozumel
1:32am 7th April 2012
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The beach gets crowded in the afternoon
7:10am 7th April 2012
1200x900 197kb

See, lots of people
7:10am 7th April 2012
1200x900 206kb

A pelican in the surf
7:14am 7th April 2012
1200x896 211kb

This is a frigatebird
7:15am 7th April 2012
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One of the little corners off of 5th Av
7:21am 7th April 2012
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Naked (shock horror!) fountain at the hotel in Playa
8:30am 7th April 2012
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Saara and Sophie in Playa del Carmen
9:02am 7th April 2012
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Deirdre, Cian and Leo at the last dinner in Playa
9:26am 7th April 2012
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Our last meal together
10:00am 7th April 2012
1200x900 300kb

Deirdre, Cian, Leo and Susanne
10:21am 7th April 2012
1200x900 269kb

James, having a last drink
11:45am 7th April 2012
1200x900 270kb

The CocoBongo. I feel dirty having this here
12:19pm 7th April 2012
1200x900 263kb

Dave, Floyd, Sarah
12:25pm 7th April 2012
1200x900 255kb

Dave, Floyd, Sarah and Sophie
12:25pm 7th April 2012
1200x900 284kb

The beach is just getting popular
1:29am 8th April 2012
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In the air, the sunsets as I fly away from Central America
8:00am 8th April 2012
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