Panajachel is a town on the edge of Lago de Atitlan in Guatemala. The lake is worth mentioning because it has no outlet, so what water flows in is there until it either drains away through the ground or evaporates away. Apprently it rises and falls on a seven year cycle.

When we were there is was up, so a bundle of stuff along the edge of the lake is currently underwater, which is quite bizarre. We had breakfast at the lakeside hotel and looking into the water looks like something from Atlantis, big, ornate balconies, stairs, patios and you think they're ancient, until you notice lights and power points... all under several feet of water.

We did a trip out to Chichicastenango Markets, the biggest markets in Central America. They are huge and hectic and busy and packed with people who want to sell you table runners. There is a fascination with tables runners which is kind of scary.

On that note, a funny story. I was walking around with Christopher and this lady adopted us, following us for ages trying to sell us a table runner. The standard spiel goes something like: "For you, for your wife, your girlfriend, your mistress?" Christopher looked at it and went: "but its ugly." To which she replied: "For your enemy?" I was tempted to buy it from her just for that.

We did a trip to the other side of the lake and visited a small village which has a sort of cultural exchange thing. We had breakfast there, got to see the weaving co-operative, got a tour and then bought a bundle of paintings, as you do.

Spicy potatos. Yum.
11:08am 25th March 2012
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Group dinner in Pana
11:08am 25th March 2012
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The docks on Lago de Atitlan at Panajachel
10:32pm 25th March 2012
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Boats on Lago de Atitlan at Panajachel
10:36pm 25th March 2012
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Santa Cruz La Laguna from the lake
10:45pm 25th March 2012
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Cerro de Oro, it looks high, but two weeks earlier I had been sleeping at twice its height
10:45pm 25th March 2012
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This was where we had breakfast, La Casa del Mundo
10:50pm 25th March 2012
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Michael, Me and Christopher having breakfast on the lake
11:04pm 25th March 2012
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Looking out at San Pedro Volcano
11:52pm 25th March 2012
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One of the bays on Lago de Atitlan
11:54pm 25th March 2012
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These were hanging from a vine
12:03am 26th March 2012
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12:04am 26th March 2012
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The garden at Casa del Mundo
12:05am 26th March 2012
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And a huge bee
12:07am 26th March 2012
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Orchids and epiphytes go well together
12:09am 26th March 2012
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These were nice
12:11am 26th March 2012
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The lake level rises on a multi-year cycle, so at the moment it looks like Atlantis with lots of things underwater
12:14am 26th March 2012
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Iglesia de Santo Tomas in the Chichicastenango markets
2:14am 26th March 2012
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The markets at Chichicastenango, apparently the biggest in Central America
3:14am 26th March 2012
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A well worn door in Chichicastenango
3:23am 26th March 2012
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Meet the gang at Chichicastenango
3:53am 26th March 2012
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One of the market streets in Chichicastenango
3:59am 26th March 2012
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Mathijs and his Super Cola!
4:13am 26th March 2012
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Calle Santander in Panajachel
7:24am 26th March 2012
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A mecha owl at our hotel in Pana
10:27pm 26th March 2012
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The three volcanos - Cerro de Oro, Toliman and Atitlan volcanos
11:01pm 26th March 2012
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A dog!
11:19pm 26th March 2012
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Sophie, Jamie, Me and Mathijs having breakfast in San Juan La Laguna
11:59pm 26th March 2012
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This family gave us breakfast in San Juan La Laguna, part of a sort of culture exchange thing, possibly San Carla, depending on the map
12:18am 27th March 2012
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The church, currently being rebuilt
12:28am 27th March 2012
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This is the Indian head (Turn your head on the side)
12:30am 27th March 2012
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Walking back down to the lake in San Juan La Laguna
1:01am 27th March 2012
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Group shot on the banks of Lago de Atitlan
1:36am 27th March 2012
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