Palenque is a Mayan city that was claimed by the jungle about 900 years ago. Like most of the sites, most of it is still under mounds of earth, jungle and rubble. A few years ago a team pulled out all the fancy gear and did a complete survey of the land and the building count went from a few hundred up to several thousand overnight. The vast majority of them have not been looked at. Palenque's biggest pyramid is almost invisiable and is still completely covered by the jungle, no one is sure when it will be looked at.

For me it was a toss up between Tikal and Palenque over which I enjoyed more. Palenque doesn't have as impressive temples as Tikal, but it setting is great. Up on a hillside, it looks out over the plain. One half of it is still partially enveloped by jungle while the other half is all lawn and trees, so it feels like you're walking through an ornate park.

Palenque's star attraction would have to be the Palace. Admittedly, I probably preferred the three temples in the corner more, but the Palace is a nice place to walk around, it has a maze of rooms on top with glimpses of frescos and plaster so you can get a feel for what it must have been like there.

We were there on the equinox, so much to our surprise, we had the group of people there doing whatever things you do on equinoxs; standing around in circles, holding hands, chanting, facing the sun. I have no idea what they were doing (and from the looks on some of the faces, neither did some of them), but it was a really cool setting for them to be doing it.

Inside the grounds at Palenque is a really cool waterfall. If you walk from the grounds down to the museum, you'll go past it. It's very nice, but you can't go swimming there. However, walk down the road, hang a left and you can get to a waterfall where you can go swimming. Well, a paddle really, not really large enough for a swim, but a welcome spot to dip your toes into.

The hotel we had in Palenque was as close to the ruins as you could get. It had a range of accomidation options, we were in the cabins, but they had just grass huts with hammocks or just space on the lawn to pitch a tent or park your RV (there were two massive RVs from Canada). I was glad we had a cabin, since one night a tropical thunderstorm went right over our heads.

Luckily most of us had walked back from dinner and remained dry. Some though got wet (my roommate arrived looking like a drowned rat and leaving puddles on the floor) The rain was unbelievably heavy, like standing under a firehose, you'd think it couldn't get any worse... and it would just get heavier. There was thunder going off at the same time as the lightning, the roof began to leak directly over my bed. I do love a good storm.

A protea
6:50am 21st March 2012
1200x900 338kb

Artwork at our hotel in Palenque
7:00am 21st March 2012
675x900 219kb

This is a cane toad by the swimming pool at the hotel.
12:19pm 21st March 2012
1200x803 206kb

Ruins at Palenque, Group IV in Group J, notice the tree growing on top
11:15pm 21st March 2012
1200x803 626kb

Bats inside the ruins
11:23pm 21st March 2012
1200x775 291kb

Another bat
11:23pm 21st March 2012
1200x824 269kb

Piece of fallen bee hive on the ground
11:26pm 21st March 2012
1200x803 374kb

It really is the jungle
11:27pm 21st March 2012
602x900 339kb

And as you can see, it hasn't been cleared yet
11:27pm 21st March 2012
602x900 378kb

One of the cleared, but not restored pyramids
11:29pm 21st March 2012
1200x803 629kb

Another cleared building
11:29pm 21st March 2012
1200x803 793kb

Temple XIII and Temple of the Inscriptions behind it
11:39pm 21st March 2012
1200x803 635kb

Temple XII
11:43pm 21st March 2012
602x900 377kb

The skull (God of Death) on Temple XII
11:44pm 21st March 2012
1200x803 733kb

Me at Palenque on the steps of Temple of the Cross
11:46pm 21st March 2012
1200x900 512kb

Looking across the courtyard to the Palace
11:48pm 21st March 2012
1200x803 484kb

The steps up to Temple XII
11:48pm 21st March 2012
602x900 302kb

This is the tomb inside Temple XIII, yes it is red inside. They found the Red Queen here
11:52pm 21st March 2012
602x900 199kb

Looking at the steps of Temple of the Inscriptions
11:53pm 21st March 2012
602x900 261kb

Temple of the Inscriptions
12:01am 22nd March 2012
1200x803 486kb

Archway in the Palace
12:19am 22nd March 2012
602x900 278kb

Carvings in the courtyard of the palace
12:29am 22nd March 2012
1200x803 518kb

Plaster relief of a in the palace. I think its a jaguar, but it could be a monkey
12:29am 22nd March 2012
1200x803 302kb

Some of the internal ruins of the palace
12:30am 22nd March 2012
602x900 282kb

Looking across the Palace to Temple of the Inscriptions
12:33am 22nd March 2012
1200x803 551kb

This is here to show the colours that the Palace was painted in
12:36am 22nd March 2012
1200x803 388kb

Temple of the Inscriptions
12:41am 22nd March 2012
1200x782 585kb

Temple XXI, its still under the jungle
12:54am 22nd March 2012
1200x803 572kb

Temple of the Cross
12:55am 22nd March 2012
1200x803 534kb

Not sure what this is, but its nice
1:05am 22nd March 2012
602x900 163kb

Relief within the Temple of the Foliated Cross
1:06am 22nd March 2012
1200x803 370kb

Looking across Palenque from Temple of the Foliated Cross (Sun Temple on Left, Cross on Right)
1:08am 22nd March 2012
1200x803 437kb

Looking up at Temple of the Cross
1:09am 22nd March 2012
1200x803 484kb

Palenque from Temple of the Cross
1:20am 22nd March 2012
1200x803 522kb

Looking down at Temple of the Sun and Temple XIV
1:20am 22nd March 2012
1200x803 606kb

Top of Temple of the Cross (Green hole on the left has a pergine falcon's nest in it)
1:29am 22nd March 2012
1200x803 438kb

Temple of the Sun
1:31am 22nd March 2012
1200x781 452kb

Temple of the Cross
1:33am 22nd March 2012
1200x803 679kb

Relief in Temple of the Sun (This is a copy, original is in a museum)
1:34am 22nd March 2012
1200x803 688kb

Saara, Michael and Mathijs in Palenque
1:50am 22nd March 2012
1200x803 348kb

Ruins on the way down to the waterfall
1:52am 22nd March 2012
1200x803 493kb

Waterfall just below Palenque
1:53am 22nd March 2012
602x900 356kb

The North group of Temples
2:09am 22nd March 2012
1200x803 516kb

It was the autumn Equinox and these people were there doing equinox things
2:10am 22nd March 2012
1200x803 476kb

The Count Temple
2:11am 22nd March 2012
1200x803 566kb

Looking back towards the Palace
2:13am 22nd March 2012
1200x803 624kb

Temple XII
2:18am 22nd March 2012
602x900 380kb

This waterfall is just out of Palenque and you can go for a dip there
2:42am 22nd March 2012
602x900 471kb

Artistic shot of the waterfall
2:45am 22nd March 2012
1200x803 444kb

Saara looking contemplative
2:47am 22nd March 2012
675x900 276kb

Saara, Michael and Christopher at the waterfall near Palenque
2:50am 22nd March 2012
1200x900 431kb

Saara, Michael and Christopher cooling off
2:52am 22nd March 2012
1200x900 436kb

Howler monkeys in the tree by the museum
3:29am 22nd March 2012
1200x803 324kb

These are apparently incense burners
3:34am 22nd March 2012
675x900 211kb

Mayan glyphs
3:37am 22nd March 2012
1200x900 359kb

This is a fresco taken from the temples, look at the colours
3:37am 22nd March 2012
675x900 207kb

Another incense burner
3:40am 22nd March 2012
675x900 159kb

I'm pretty sure that's a parrot head
3:42am 22nd March 2012
1200x900 261kb

The Red Queen's Jade Mortuary Mask
3:43am 22nd March 2012
610x900 115kb

Carved relief, probably of one of the city rulers
3:49am 22nd March 2012
1200x900 298kb

Scale model of the Palace
3:52am 22nd March 2012
1200x846 250kb

Head of a clay statue
3:54am 22nd March 2012
1200x900 226kb

More ginger flowers
4:01am 22nd March 2012
1200x900 320kb

An American Eagle camper van. Its from Canada
5:00am 22nd March 2012
1200x900 493kb

This is slightly smaller and also from Canada, comes with a matching jeep
5:00am 22nd March 2012
1200x900 329kb

This spider guy kept trying to crawl up my leg
6:24am 22nd March 2012
1200x900 264kb

The far side of this wall was a pond, the near side was the pool, it came with wildlife
7:07am 22nd March 2012
1200x803 330kb

This was the hotel office, bar and restaurant
8:18am 22nd March 2012
1200x900 395kb

Another cane toad
8:42am 22nd March 2012
1200x900 342kb

The group having dinner
9:44am 22nd March 2012
1200x900 263kb

The Common House Gecko, (hemidactylus frenatus) by the pool
1:26pm 22nd March 2012
1200x850 227kb

Wasps in the outside light
1:29pm 22nd March 2012
1200x803 303kb

This gecko was in the hotel room
1:41pm 22nd March 2012
1200x884 101kb

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