Palenque to San Cristobal

We left Palenque and started to head up into the mountains. Our first stop was the Misol Ha Waterfall which is a very impressive, high waterfall which tumbles over the edge and into a large pool. Unfortunately, with the storm the previous night, the river was muddy so it did not look particularly inviting and no one took up the offer to swim. There is a path behind the waterfall you can do, I only made it partway though because you get very, very wet. If it had been warmer I would have loved it.

The second stop was a lot more impressive. Agua Azul. It is a series of waterfalls and pools. The river is heavily mineralised from flowing through the limestone, so everything in the water builds up a layer of calcification which makes it all smooth and slippery. The other thing is the water is the most amazing shade of blue.

I did go swimming there and it was delightful. The water was cool, but not cold, moving through at just the right sort of speed. If you're in the area, go in and remember your bathers.

Misol Ha Waterfall, as you can see it had been raining and the river was muddy
11:43pm 22nd March 2012
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Misol Ha Waterfall
11:43pm 22nd March 2012
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Even more ginger flowers
11:45pm 22nd March 2012
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Still no idea about these
11:45pm 22nd March 2012
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Behind the Misol Ha waterfall, apparently a scene in Preditor was filmed here
11:49pm 22nd March 2012
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Cataratas de Agua Azul or just Agua Azul
1:30am 23rd March 2012
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Agua Azul, the water really is that shade of blue
1:31am 23rd March 2012
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Now I'm resisting the urge to jump in there at Aqua Azul
1:39am 23rd March 2012
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Another shot of Agua Azul
1:41am 23rd March 2012
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Some orchids
1:48am 23rd March 2012
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Some of the stepped falls. The brown is calcification
1:50am 23rd March 2012
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Near the top of the falls, looking downriver
1:50am 23rd March 2012
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This is one of the spots where you can go swimming (Yes, I did)
2:26am 23rd March 2012
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Another shot of where the two channels join up again
2:38am 23rd March 2012
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