Heading Home

Alas, all good things come to an end. After two months away, I flew into Sydney, had few hours to kill in the airport, then I was on a flight back to Perth.

I like taking photos from planes, but getting useable one is not easy. Here are some photos of flying over New Zealand then of flying into Sydney and finally on the last flight of the trip. If you look carefully you can see the harbour bridge in one of them.

Walking around Sydney Airport was like most other airports, except that Qantas has a little museum there which I suspect no one ever notices. I went up and looked around, some interesting things there. I was amused to see that on some of old engines and gearboxes which have been cutaway they still have the "Remove before flight" warning tags. The things have been cut down to the middle. They're not going to be going anywhere!

It was good to be home, but already, a few weeks later I'm thinking of another trip, I just haven't decided where yet. Any suggestions?

Christchurch airport, getting ready to leave
8:35am 23rd April 2012
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The Waimakariri River
9:34am 23rd April 2012
675x900 189kb

Looking over the Cantebury Plains
9:35am 23rd April 2012
1200x900 221kb

On of the South Island's braided rivers
9:41am 23rd April 2012
675x900 121kb

This is why they call New Zealand Land of the Long White Cloud
9:42am 23rd April 2012
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Flying into Sydney
12:31pm 23rd April 2012
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Coming in over Kurnell Rocks towards Botany Bay
12:37pm 23rd April 2012
1200x900 182kb

I was amused this engine had a "remove before flight" tag on it.
1:54pm 23rd April 2012
1200x900 278kb

Gearbox in the Qantas exhibit in Sydney Airport
1:54pm 23rd April 2012
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Taking off from Sydney
3:08pm 23rd April 2012
1200x900 297kb

Saying goodbye to the Sydney CBD
3:09pm 23rd April 2012
1200x900 276kb

And heading into the sunset
3:35pm 23rd April 2012
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