Antigua to Flores

Not much on this page. Basically one day we got up hidously early one day and took off to make it past Guatemala City before the rush. We drove through to Flores.

Flores is on Lago Peten Itza. When I say on the lake, I mean on the lake. It's an island connected to the mainland by a causeway. There is a corresponding town on the mainland, but the island is the place where you want to go to.

It reminded me of a medieval town in Europe, small, centered around a church and all the buildings packed in together, because its an island all the roads are windy, so even though you can walk around it in about fifteen minutes, you always feel like there is somewhere to see.

We were there mainly to go to Tikal, which has its own page, but I can recommend sitting on hotel balconies and watching the sunset with a good drink.

Crossing the Rio Dulce, heading back towards Mexico now
2:59am 30th March 2012
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Northern bank of Rio Dulce
3:02am 30th March 2012
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Sunset at Flores, looking over Lago de Peten Itza
7:30am 30th March 2012
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Flores at night
9:47am 30th March 2012
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Relaxing back at the hotel in Flores
10:02pm 31st March 2012
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11:37pm 31st March 2012
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Hotel Casazul, where we stayed in Flores
12:13am 1st April 2012
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