Chile and Santiago

We got up at some rediculously early time in the morning to leave San Pedro and were driven down to Calama to catch a flight to Santiago. There was a brief stop in Antofagasta then straight down to Santiago.

Santigo was a nice city, but it felt like a normal, modern city. It had some nice buildings, but seemed to be lacking that spark or quirkiness of a smaller town.

Walking around was pleasent. The market is interesting, it's a fish market. If you visit, be prepared to hold your nose, it's a bit of an assult on the senses at first. Lots of odd sea food too. Lots of parks and squares too

I did the Free Walking Tour. Highly recommended. Interesting, witty and informative. You just show up at the set time and go for a walk. It's based on tips, so if you like it pay a lot, if not don't tip well. I'd do it again if I went there, a really good way to orient yourself in the city.

Alas, Santiago was also the last stop of the first tour. We went out for dinner and then to a bar to commiserate the last night.

The following morning I staggered out of bed, shared a taxi to the hotel with Manuel, then headed off to Mexico to begin the second leg.

Walking to the plane in Calama to take us to Santiago
8:29pm 15th March 2012
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The Escondida mine we flew over, one of the highest commercial mines in the world
8:56pm 15th March 2012
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Two fighters at Antofagasta airport where we had a stop-over
9:21pm 15th March 2012
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Tina strolling through the streets of Santiago
1:56am 16th March 2012
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I still have no idea of the name of this building, other than its over Phillips lane
2:05am 16th March 2012
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Santiago Cathedral
2:46am 16th March 2012
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One of the pedestrian malls. (Love the victory photo bomb)
2:59am 16th March 2012
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Church of St Augustine in Santiago, famous for having a crown of thorns on Christ's neck instead of on his head
3:01am 16th March 2012
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Santiago Cathedral again
9:04pm 16th March 2012
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Statue of Pedro De Valdivia in Santiago's main square
9:24pm 16th March 2012
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National History Museum
9:25pm 16th March 2012
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Fountain in the middle of the main square
9:26pm 16th March 2012
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Statue honouring one of the Incas responsible for kicking out hte Spanish
9:33pm 16th March 2012
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This was a building in Santiago, big doors and they use a tiny part of them
9:54pm 16th March 2012
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Palacio de La Moneda - The former mint and now Presidental Palace
9:59pm 16th March 2012
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Santiago's Wall Street financial sector
10:17pm 16th March 2012
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The Teatro Municipal - Santiago Opera House
10:37pm 16th March 2012
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Tree in front of Santa Lucia-Hill
10:45pm 16th March 2012
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This was a gift from the Germans to Chile for their centenary
12:20am 17th March 2012
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I loved this building on Merced with a gargoyle
12:22am 17th March 2012
1200x900 366kb

The really cool gargoyle in Santiago
12:22am 17th March 2012
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Another pic of the centenary present, you just don't get presents like that these days
12:24am 17th March 2012
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This is a condor
12:24am 17th March 2012
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This place was a restaurant, but had been being restored for the past three years
12:48am 17th March 2012
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La Chascona, former home of Pablo Neruda (A famous poet)
12:54am 17th March 2012
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I liked the gargoyle so much, I took another pic of it
1:27am 17th March 2012
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Santa Lucia
3:40am 17th March 2012
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This was a building in Santiago. I do like the entry statement
6:18am 17th March 2012
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Dinner on the last night
6:47am 17th March 2012
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Comparing photos
6:49am 17th March 2012
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Taking photos
7:16am 17th March 2012
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Tucking into dinner
7:17am 17th March 2012
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Kei and Netsumi say goodbye
7:17am 17th March 2012
1200x900 307kb

Tina and Jana
7:17am 17th March 2012
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Ralph and Heather
7:18am 17th March 2012
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Netsumi, Tina and Jana
8:18am 17th March 2012
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Netsumi, Manuel and Kei
8:19am 17th March 2012
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