Aguas Calientes

Aguas Calientes is a town at the base of Machu Picchu. Other than its location close to Machu Picchu, there is not much to recommend it. It is a big tourist town, packed with hotels, places to eat and places to get massages.

It does have a huge market selling the sorts of tourist stuff you would expect and there is a pond filled with trout right in the middle of town which is unexpected. Oh, the main street is really, really steep too.

There are two things which struck me about the town. One is the railway literally runs through the middle of it, so make sure you look both ways before stepping into the open. The other is the river, which hurtles past at the base of the town. It was up when we were there and doesn't look like a friendly river at that point.

We did go for a walk the afternoon of our arrival. Manuel had a flier for a butterfly and orchid place a few kilometres down the road, so some of us set off for it. As we walked it began to rain. The rain slowly got heavier until it was a full on tropical downpour.

Some of us, ie, me, had not bought a raincoat. When we made it to the place it turns out it only runs during the peak season, not the off season, so there was nothing there. So then we had to walk back. I was soaked. And very slow. By the time I got back, the others had all changed and were looking at going out again. I made it to the room and pulled off my clothes (which were forming puddles on the floor) and had a very long, hot shower.

Then I spent the next half an hour with a hair drier trying to dry my clothes so I could have a comfortable pair of jeans to wear in Machu Picchu the following day.

Ahhh, memories.

Aguas Calientes station
11:28pm 29th February 2012
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Statue of Manco Capac in Aguas Calientes
12:25am 1st March 2012
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Another pretty moth
12:38am 1st March 2012
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Kei, Jana, Jansen and me! in Aguas Calientes
12:39am 1st March 2012
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The markets at Aguas Calientes
12:48am 1st March 2012
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There is not much space at Aguas Calientes, look at the places squeezed between the river and the rail.
12:53am 1st March 2012
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The pond there had trout in it
1:29am 1st March 2012
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I'm sure the statue was deep and meaningful to someone
1:30am 1st March 2012
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Looking up the creek that runs through town
1:40am 1st March 2012
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Then down the creek towards the river
1:40am 1st March 2012
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Looking out over town and down the valley
1:40am 1st March 2012
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Artwork on the wall in Aguas Calientes
3:04am 1st March 2012
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This is the Urubamba River now quite in flood
3:08am 1st March 2012
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Manuel and Heather looking at the river at Aguas Calientes
3:09am 1st March 2012
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Ralph, Heather and Manuel on the infamous walk
3:15am 1st March 2012
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The road to Machu Picchu beside the Urubamba River. Yes, I got very wet
3:43am 1st March 2012
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Netsumi, Kei and Tina in Aguas Calientes
8:14pm 1st March 2012
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Looking down the main street of Aguas Calientes
8:15pm 1st March 2012
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Where the creek in Aguas Calientes meets the Urubamba River
1:49am 2nd March 2012
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Trains passing in Aguas Calientes
2:33am 2nd March 2012
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Just where were Ralph and Jana going?
2:50am 2nd March 2012
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They have cute dogs in Peru
3:15am 2nd March 2012
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