The Train Cemetery

Second stop on the great four wheel drive trek was just out of Uyuni, the train cemetery. Uyuni, as I mentioned is a railway junction and has, or at least had, some train workshops. About a mile out of town there are two dead-end lines which they use to shunt the old equipment onto.

Just about everything servicable and worth recycling has been stripped leaving just the hulking wrecks rusting away in the desert.

It's a strangely surreal place. Totally unexpected and rather cool to wander around.

Uyuni is known for its train graveyard. A plethera of old, gutted steam engines
3:57am 12th March 2012
1200x803 313kb

Old axel and wheel
3:57am 12th March 2012
1200x803 485kb

Most of the engines are still on the tracks
3:58am 12th March 2012
1200x803 450kb

Old engines at the Uyuni train graveyard
3:59am 12th March 2012
1200x803 328kb

Heather at the train graveyard
3:59am 12th March 2012
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Its interesting seeing the engines with bits stripped away
4:00am 12th March 2012
1200x803 323kb

One of the old wheels
4:01am 12th March 2012
1200x803 419kb

One of the cool things to make out of iron scrap at the train graveyard
4:04am 12th March 2012
602x900 153kb

Artistic shot of old gearing
4:05am 12th March 2012
1200x803 245kb

Some of the different engines rusting into the desert
4:07am 12th March 2012
1200x803 348kb

Some engines have had slight problems remaining on the tracks
4:08am 12th March 2012
1200x803 354kb

A wheel, manufactured 23rd of January, 1939
4:08am 12th March 2012
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Active tracks leading away from Uyuni
4:10am 12th March 2012
602x900 249kb

Active trakcs leading back to Uyuni
4:10am 12th March 2012
602x900 220kb

Thats the salt flat over there
4:23am 12th March 2012
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The road down to our overnight stop in Alota
5:04am 12th March 2012
1200x803 238kb

Plants that grow here are tough
5:41am 12th March 2012
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