I won't say Seattle was an after thought, but it was not somewhere I thought I'd be visiting. When I was working out the trip I knew I would end up on the west coast. I didn't want to be in LA. I'd been to San Francisco and San Jose before, so I had a choice of Seattle or San Diego. I knew people in Seattle, so that's where I went.

    It was nice to meet everyone, Nicky was kind enough to put up with me and show me some of the sights, including Fremont, who I think like to think they're a lot more quirk than they actually are.

    I did all the tourist things. A duck trip (Not as good as Boston's); the Space Needle (very nice view and hordes of people); The Sci-Fi Museum (loved it, all geeks should go, but it is not as big as you hope it is) and an Underground tour.

    The Underground tour was great. If you're there, do one. Witty, informative and very entertaining. Basically Seattle had a mud problem, the solution was to raise the streets. OF course, that took time and you didn't want to build a fancy door at ground level if street level was going to be eight foot up in a few years. So the building owners put in a basic entrance at ground level, then made the first floor the main entrance, so when the roads were raised (up to 14ft in some places) that was where people would enter.

    This left the original entrances underground. The sidewalks were just covered over, so in places its possible to walk along under the sidewalks and its surprisingly nice. I really liked it. The guides know their stuff and seem to have a real passion about what they're telling you.

    Seattle is a nice town, it has a good vibe about it. Lots of hills though and I suspect I might change my opinion in the middle of winter.

Seattle Harbour
Size: 1300x975 277kb

Pioneer Square
Size: 1300x975 531kb

The Saloon at the start of the Underground Tour
Size: 1300x975 338kb

Fire escapes near Pioneer Square (Yes, they're unique to me)
Size: 731x975 242kb

Under the sidewalk on 1st Av
Size: 1300x975 333kb

Looking out over Puget sound
Size: 1300x975 258kb

Me in front of Seattle
Size: 1300x975 307kb

Seattle Skyline from the Space Needle
Size: 1300x975 332kb

Looking straight down from the top of the Space Needle.
Size: 1300x975 422kb

The Sci-Fi Museum, Monorail and the Experience Music Project
Size: 1300x975 309kb

Space Needle
Size: 731x975 137kb

Donatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the Sci-Fi Museum
Size: 731x975 171kb

This model was used by the animators for Jurassic Park to get dino movements
Size: 1300x975 331kb

A close up of the model
Size: 1300x975 336kb

Model of some Japanese anime robot
Size: 731x975 159kb

Very fancy music sculpture in the Seattle Music Experience
Size: 731x975 253kb

The ticket booth is very cool
Size: 1300x975 257kb

Seattle streets
Size: 1300x975 249kb

First Ave. Seattle have nice trees
Size: 1300x975 463kb

Seattle's main gridiron stadium
Size: 1300x975 267kb

And now their baseball stadium
Size: 1300x975 372kb

Gasworks Park
Size: 1300x975 244kb

Seattle skyline from Lake Washington
Size: 1300x975 304kb

Houseboats along the edge of Lake Washington
Size: 1300x975 368kb

The Patches Statue (Late for the Interurban) in Fremont
Size: 1300x975 285kb

Carousel in Seattle Centre
Size: 1300x975 437kb

Pigs will fly!
Size: 1300x975 384kb

Another shot of the Space Needle
Size: 731x975 215kb

Pike Street Market, watch for flying salmon!
Size: 1300x975 419kb

Now this was a bus with attitude
Size: 1300x975 365kb

Pike Street Market
Size: 1300x975 319kb

The troll under the George Washington Memorial Bridge in Fremont
Size: 1300x975 310kb

Under the George Washington Memorial Bridge
Size: 1300x975 307kb

Fremont thinks its the centre of the universe. Its a small universe though
Size: 1300x975 509kb

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