Poznan is a large city in Poland, it use to be a capital city of the kingdom of Poland. (Yes, Poland has had three capitals and a variety of ruling governments) It was out lunch stop on the day trip from Warsaw to Berlin.

    Unfortunately, aside from an interesting Market Square in the middle of the old town, there isn't a huge amount that appeared overly interesting. It looks like an industrial town - lots of factories and Soviet era apartment blocks on the outskirts.

    The inner city was nice, but did not have the same vibe as some of the other cities we visited, probably because much of it was leveled during World War II.

    Surprisingly, the drive out (Which took over an hour as our tourguide insisted the GPS was wrong and kept overruling it) showed some very nice areas; green, tree lined avenues and parks, something which isn't seen that much inside some of the cities.

I do like what you see on the side of the road in Poland
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More Soviet era buildings in Poznan in Poland
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Near Poznan central square
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Poznan's City Hall
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Building detail, Poznan
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More buildings
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Love the lights
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Poznan Market Square.
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Poland-Germany border
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