I was in London for all of a day. I flew in at about 6pm one evening, had the following day in London, then flew out at 9am the day after. It was not a long trip.

    I spend the first half of the day with my parents, wandering around London doing the tourist thing. Visiting the Houses of Parliment, seeing the Queen, lamenting not having enough money to buy anything in Harrods, the usual.

    The second half of the day I spent wandering through the Victoria and Albert Museum. I had never been there before on my previous trips. Well worth the time to wander through, a lot of very impressive things.

    In the evening I caught up with Bas and JM who had escaped to London six months earlier. Both seemed to be adapting well enough, although I didn't measure the temperature of their beer to see if they had been fully assimilated.

    It was a good trip, I just wish I could have been there for a little longer

London from the air
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The London Eye
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Houses of Parliment
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My parents in front of Houses of Parliment
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South bank lion at Westminster Bridge
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Boadicea Statue
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Not Big Ben, but the clocktower that houses it
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Westminster Abby
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The Foot Guard Band at the Guard's Museum
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Another shot of the band showing off their moves.
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Victoria Memorial outside of Buckingham Palace
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The folks outside Buckingham Palace, saying hi to 'Liz
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Part of the Victoria Memorial
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Some of the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum
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Flying cows!
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And now flying pterodactyls
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Me and a JM in I believe it was the St John Bar
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Building on the corner of Hayne and Carthusian St. Yes it really does look like that, no it hasn't been cut off
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