Kyoto was my one bad day of weather on my trip. I caught a bullet train from Tokyo and it took a bit under three hours to get there and there was a lot of rain when I arrived.

    I had hoped to pick up a tour bus and start by getting a driven tour, but the next bus didn't leave for 90 minutes and I wasn't willing to hang around that long, so I started walking.

    First stop was Higashi Hogen-ji Temple. An amazing, all wooden temple complex. Like all my things, I was there bright and early and the monks were finishing up their morning prayers. An excellent time to be there as I could see into the main temple, while I was there they started to close up the building, so most of the tourists miss out on seeing inside

    Next stop was the Shosei-en Gardens. I had this place to myself. The woman in the ticket booth was at first surprised I was there, then enthusiastic that I was by myself, pointing out things to see. I really liked it, sort of like the garden of a stately home in the middle of a city somewhere.

    I then faced a long walk through the city to get to the temples on the side mountains. In retrospect a bus would have been better, but I was glad I walked it, it was very wet, but had that interesting personal touch looking down the backstreets.

    I approached the Kiyomizu-dera Temple from the side via a cemetery which was fascinating. I'm not sure I should have been enthused over so many dead people, but it was so different from a western styled one and had been carved into the side of the hill. Admittedly, when I got to the temple, I had no idea what was going on. I went into the cellar of one of the buildings, its a pitch black maze that represents something deep and meaningful. If you do it (and you should) walk slowly with your arms in front of you. Hitting the wall does hurt.

    Then I walked along the streets, visiting Maruyama Park which is apparently famous for its cherry blossoms. I wasn't there in that season, so the place was deserted and a little shabby, but still nice to walk around in. There were more temples, some more gardens, all of which were very spectacular and very different. Next time I shall read the guide books before I visit because I missed the nighting gale floor, but I did see the builder's umbrella. Apparently that's a miracle, but I think a builder leaving his umbrella behind is just forgetfulness.

    I caught the underground back to town, but got out at the wrong stop. What I thought was a ten minute walk to the main station turned into a two hour slog, but it still managed to keep my interest dispite, but this time I had walked 14km and felt like my feet were about to fall off. Next time more comfortable shoes too.

Side entrance to Higahi Hogan-ji Temple complex
Size: 1300x975 348kb

This dragon provides the water for clensing at the Higahi Hogan-ji Temple
Size: 1300x975 396kb

Model showing the all wooden roof structure
Size: 1300x975 330kb

Founders Hall Gate (Main fate) of Higashi Hogen-ji Temple
Size: 1300x975 278kb

Goei-do Hall, all made from wood only
Size: 1300x975 324kb

The studio pond in the Shosei-en gardens
Size: 1300x975 446kb

Snow-capped bridge, Shosei-en gardens
Size: 1300x975 480kb

A Chinese corridor style bridge (Kaito-ro), Shosei-en gardens
Size: 1300x975 574kb

Garden lantern (Hakigyoku no seki-do)
Size: 1300x975 509kb

Spot the duck and ducklings in the lilies
Size: 1300x975 403kb

Tea house in Shosei-en gardens
Size: 1300x975 624kb

Other side of the snow capped bridge
Size: 1300x975 480kb

Lotus flowers
Size: 1300x975 272kb

Ceremonial Gate (Boka-kaku) in Shosei-en gardens
Size: 1300x975 479kb

Ferns and palms in a tree (Outside of the gardens)
Size: 1300x975 626kb

Japanese Cemetery, near Kiyomizu-dera Temple
Size: 1300x975 470kb

More of the cemetery
Size: 1300x975 319kb

It was a very big cemetery
Size: 1300x975 550kb

Main gate (A niomon deva), Kiyomizu-dera Temple
Size: 1300x975 326kb

Looking out over Kyoto from Kiyomizu-dera
Size: 1300x975 243kb

Verandah of Kiyomizu-dera Temple
Size: 1300x975 255kb

Kiyomizu-dera Temple complex. (Otowa-no-taki (waterfall) in the bottom right)
Size: 1300x975 551kb

Me at Kiyomizu-dera Temple
Size: 1300x975 304kb

Kiyomizu-dera Temple
Size: 1300x975 610kb

Kiyomizu-dera Temple has a nice view over Kyoto
Size: 1300x975 230kb

Kiyomizu-dera Temple also has hordes of tourists
Size: 1300x975 491kb

Sannez-saka (Street) Kyoto has plenty of little streets and lanes like this
Size: 1300x975 372kb

One of the suspiciously smart Japanese ravens
Size: 1300x870 954kb

A crane in Maruyama Park
Size: 1300x870 816kb

Weeping Cherry Tree (Shidarezakura), Maruyama Park
Size: 1300x870 860kb

Waterfall in Maruyama Park
Size: 1300x870 823kb

Maruyama Park has nice paths and walks
Size: 1300x870 930kb

Pond in Maruyama Park
Size: 1300x975 460kb

I love the look of this car
Size: 1300x975 482kb

Maruyama Park
Size: 1300x975 338kb

Main gate of Yasaka Shrine
Size: 1300x975 433kb

Small shrines within Yasaka
Size: 1300x975 497kb

The main hall (Miedo) in Chion-in Temple
Size: 1300x975 294kb

Side all of Chion-in Temple
Size: 1300x975 310kb

Pond at the rear of Chion-in Temple
Size: 1300x975 569kb

Steps leading to the Chion-in Temple bell
Size: 1300x975 554kb

Looking down the steps of Chion-in Temple and over Kyoto
Size: 1300x975 523kb

Camphor trees outside of Shoren-in Temple
Size: 1300x975 471kb

Camphor trees outside of Shoren-in Temple
Size: 1300x975 532kb

Small gatehouse near but not part of Shoren-in Temple
Size: 1300x975 282kb

Streets in Kyoto
Size: 1300x975 305kb

I'm guessing this is a seafood restaurant
Size: 731x975 188kb

Northern gate to Higashi Honganji Temple
Size: 1300x975 310kb

Kyoto train station and shopping centre
Size: 1300x975 359kb

A big staircase in Kyoto
Size: 1300x975 362kb

Bullet train!
Size: 1300x975 370kb

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