Last stop in the US was again San Francisco where I imposed on Chris's hospitality once more. He took my up to a picnic in the hills held by the local furry crowd. Just seeing the park was interesting in itself, its all divided into areas and you can reserve an area just for you. Unlike Australian parks where its first come first served.

Then he took me up flying, we did a "Bay Tour", cruising around the Bay Area in a little Cessina 172. Its quite interesting to be on the same radio channel as the huge Jumbos and getting instructions about which runways to overfly and the like.

I also did the usual trip into San Francisco, walked around there, did some shopping, saw the sights and all that sort of stuff. The actual city doesn't do that much for me, but I do like the area. By and large, cities the world over are all much of a muchness, lots of big buildings, cars and people. Its the outlying areas I think that set them apart.

This is San Francisco International Airport. I think approaching in a plane is harder than landing
Downtown San Francisco
The Golden Gate Bridge (Why is it red?)
Captain Chris at the controls
Back safely on the ground
These three were from the Furry picnic held up in the hills, sorry, but I don't really know the names of anyone here
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