I went to England again (yay!)

I did the numerous trips into London, looked at more tourist things, visited galleries and museums. I still love the Science Museum and I've found one painting from the National Gallery that I'd like on my wall. (Yes, out of all of them there was only one). I got to queue up with people and go through the Tower of London and I walked across the Tower Bridge and through most of greater London. Actually, I walked a long way.

I did two things that were brilliant and highly recommended.

First off was a trip to Bletchley Park. That was about an hour out of London by train. It was where the code breakers were during World War II and the site of the world's first computer. I found it fasinating to wander around, there are various little clubs and things in some of the buildings, various museums in some of them and an impressive display of memorabilia. Strangely the experience is decidedly British and you wouldn't find anything quite like it anywhere else in the world, sort of hard to explain.

Second thing was a visit to the Monument. Just called The Monument it was built to commemerate the Great Fire of London. It takes a little bit of finding, but if you get the underground to Monument then walk around, then you'll find it eventually. Its basically a huge spire with the story of the fire on each side of the base, there will be a few tourists around, but thats about it. However the interesting thing is if you walk around there is a door on one side, enter there, pay your money (50p for memory) and you can climb to the top.

The climb means walking up this long spiral staircase and after a lot of steps you finally make it to the top. I'll admit its not the best view in London now, but its still impressive and when I was there, I had the place to myself - not an easy feat in London. I loved managing to be alone in the middle of London and no one else I asked had ever been there. It was like my secret spot in the middle of the city.

Still, I didn't get enough time in the city. That seems to be a common complaint of my trips - lots of running around, seeing lots of thigns, but still not seeing it all.

The London Science Museum, wonderful place
I love steam engines. Both of these are triple expansion engines and they were both working when I was there
This clock was in the Science Museam. I know nothing about it other than it looks cool
Bletchley Manor - notice the range of building styles
I don't think they clean the gutters too often
This is a mock Bombe and was used for finding possible keys for Enigma encrypted messages
Lake at Bletchly
Regent's Canal. I had a lovely walk along here one day
Standard tourist shot :)
British Natural History Museum
Main entrance
Main hall
Westminster Abbey
Westminster Cathedral
Gargoyle and detail
Another gargoyle
More details
Tourist shot of Tower Bridge
The Monument which commemerates the Great Fire of London
Looking down inside the Monument
And looking up
The White Tower
Two suits of armour in Tower of London
Armour for a horse
Crest of the Royal Engineers
Styles of horses and armour through the ages
An early cannon
Nelson's Column
Nelson's Kitty?
Peter Pan statue, Hyde Park
Tower Bridge
Reliefs on Queen Vic's statue near Buckingham Palace
Mermaid and merman
Gates to Buckingham Palace
Someone important I'm sure
Unicorn, Buckingham Palace
Royal Crest
Greens Park, London
Girl and Dolphin, Near Tower Bridge
Side of Billingsgate Market
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