The Mirage Hotel has the Secret Garden of Sigried and Roy out the back, which houses their collection of white tigers, other big cats and a Asiatic elephant. It also has a dolphin exhibit with a total of ten (I think!) dolphins in it. I'm not a big fan of dolphins in captivity, and having them in the middle of the desert is truely bizarre, but it was the first time I have seen an enclosure with an underwater viewing area and I loved that aspect of seeing dolphins underwater for a change instead of only from the surface.

I took the odd photo (was actually about 3 rolls), which as anyone who knows me, was quite restrained.

Originally, I was going to put down the names of the dolphins under the photos, but its now months after I was there and I've completely forgotten what their names were :( So, I'll just put down notes instead.

I love this shot
And I love this one too
These aren't dolphins... These are the cats. Yes, there is a difference
Mermaid statue in hotel lobby
One of the dolphin statues in the front garden

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