Inside Titi Pyramid, Saqqara
Mereruka's Tomb, Saqqara
Chephren Pyramid
Chephren and The Sphinx
Giza Pyramids
The Sphinx
Menkaure Pyramid
Giza pyramids - Cheops, Chephren and Menkaure
Chephren Pyramid
From Cairo, I caught the overnight train to Aswan, arriving at 6am after spending an entertaining night with a Japanese speaking Egyptian guide
Roof of the building next to my hotel - yes, there are sheep there
The Cairo skyline
This is the view of Aswan from my hotel room. Thats the Cataract hotel on the left, where "Death on the Nile" was written
The Nile
Aswan is just below the High Dam which had the temples that were moved to prevent them from flooding. One of these was Philae Temple.
The Nile at Aswan
Philae Temple
First Pylon, Philae
Isis,             Horus
Outer Temple Court
If you ever go to Egypt and are offerred a night tour (Often marketed as a "sound and light spectacular" Go on it - they're worth it
Kiosk of Trajan
Philae Temple and Island
Philae Island
Next stop was Abu Simbel. Another Temple moved when the dam was built. I was there to watch the sunrise, which meant leaving my hotel at 3:30am and catching a 4am flight. Worth it though - very impressive and I was there before the hawkers were up.
These shots are of Philae Temple at night. The First Pylon; Looking into the inner sanctuary (My favourity shot); First Pylon again; Kiosk of Trajan
Interior shots of the temple.
Ramses. For an idea of size, that statue by his feet is about 10ft tall
The classic Abu Simbel shot, pre 5am
Same shot, 30mins later
Inside the Temple of Hathor (Next door to Abu Simbel)
Aswan and along the Nile is surprisingly green.
Temple of Hathor (Next door to Abu Simbel)
Tombs of the Nobals, Aswan
Kitchener Island, Aswan
Kitchener Island, Aswan
Kom Ombo Temple at night
Sunrise (6am!) on the Nile
A typical Nile village
Nile Riverside
Me and Horus at his Temple, Edfu
Varous gods, Edfu
All of these shots are at the Temple of Horus, Edfu. The sheer scale of the place is hard to put into perspective. But its big.
I spent 2.5days on a boat, cruising from Aswan to Luxor which is where the Valley of the Kings is. The west side of the Nile is the "living" side, with two major temples, while the East side is the "dead" side, with the tombs
Ballooning over the Valley of the Kings
Queen Hatshepsut's Temple on the East bank
Statues of Memnon, entrance to the East bank
Most people go to Egypt to see the Valley of the Kings, so here it is.
These images come from Amenhotep II's tomb in the Valley of the Kings
This is from Ramses IX
These are from Ramses IX, except
Horus from Ramses III; Anubis and Amenhotep from Amenhotep II's tomb
Ramses IX himself in his tomb
Queen Hatshepsut was one of the few Queens of Egypt. Her mortuary temple is still being restored and excavated
Luxor has two huge temples. The first I went to was Karnak Temple, the entire complex being about 1.6km long, but 1km wide.
Queen Hatshepsut's Mortuary Temple
Anubis Chapel inside Queen Hatshepsut's Temple
The Ancient Egyptians didn't mess about when it came to size
Rams headed sphinx at entrance to Karnak temple
Detail, Karnak Temple
Hatshepsut's Oblisk, Karnak
Karnak Temple
The photo to the left is interesting as it probably depicts Queen Hatshepsut receiving the blessing of the Gods, but she didn't have the blessing of one of the next rulers who order her to be removed from the temple.
Part of Karnak Temple
More ram headed sphinx
Queen Hatshepsut (?)
After Karnak Temple, we went to Luxor Temple. The two temples being a couple of kilometres apart. They are connected by this avenue of ram headed sphinx which is still there today, even if its under the sand.
More oblisks at Karnak
"Traditional" sphinx at Karnak
Avenue of Sphinx
Main court of Luxor Temple
Me at Ramses II foot
Possibly one of Ramses II's sons
Two statues of Ramses II, Luxor
Luxor has a great museum, small, but well worth a visit
Luxor Temple
Canoptic jars (for body organs) in the Luxor Museum
Exhibit in Luxor Museum
The famous Cairo Museum. Great place, wish I had spent longer there. Go there, walk around, don't just do the "tourist" exhibits, actually look around, its mindblowing.
Sunset and the pyramids

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