Hi everyone, this is Bob

Bob, meet the Internet. Internet, meet Bob. Give us a wave Bob

To the untrained eye, Bob might look like a plastic toy, but a discerning professional would recognise the intricate camouflage of a Godzillus Plastistis, a very rare beast indeed.

Bob was bought liberated from the clutches of a toy shop an evil empire in the Central Mercado in Sucre, Bolivia, who wanted to use his powers for nefarious things. Instead, once Bob was granted his freedom, he decided to see the world.

This page is a monument to his travels

Bob meets his nemisis... tourists... They flee in terror

Conquering his first mountain on the Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia

Bob surveys the horizon

The train graveyard... where trains go after Bob has finished with them

Bob hides in the wreckage, waiting for his next prey

The rocks of Bolivia's high country, perfect Bob habitat

Bob roars in defiance of Mother Nature

Bob hides in the bushes, unseen by all, ready to pounce

Bob's innocent side, playing in the snow

Waiting for his transport at the high altitude lakes in Bolivia

Surveying Lake Q'ara

Completing his geology homework

Bob rockclimbs in his spare time

Showing his might at the Stone Tree

Even Bob appriciates the beauty of Laguna Verde

Bob at the Valley of the Moon in Chile

Bob takes in the Three Marys at the Valley of the Moon

Bob is also an urban dino, here he sneaks through Santiago at night

Practicing his camouflage techniques in Mexico

Taking in the ruins at Chichen Itza

Bob addressing his followers at El Castillo, the main pyramid of Chichen Itza

Bob keeps fit by swimming in Mexican cenotes

Before eagerly looking forward to the end of the bus trip

Bob found an excellent view at Palenque

Everything finds Bob scary. Rarrr! cower before him.

Bob likes Cataratas de Agua Azul, a swim was refeshing on a hot day

Bob surveys the volcanos from his hotel roof in Panajachel in Guatemala

And after a few days, Bob takes on the Pacaya Volcano himself

He finds a puny human and throws him into a lava tube, that will teach him

Bob spies a real challenge, Fuego Volcano

So off he sets for it.

Bob on the Rio Dulce Bridge in Guatemala

Bob conquors Tikal, Guatemala as well.

Bob and Temple V in Tikal. Stairs, he likes a challenge

The main plaza at Tikal. He demands sacrifice!

Bob experiences the tropics in Belize

Taking a stroll at the water edge in Caye Caulker, Belize

Bob finishes his lunch on Easter Island...

Before looking out at the surf and pondering dinner...

and wandering back to his transport

Even Bob is impressed with the moai

Bob is tempted to go swimming at Anakena beach on Easter Island

Bob gets lei-d. Even dinos succumb to bad puns

Bob desperately searches for coffee in an early New Zealand dawn. The sun, it burnsies!

Bob is a cultured dino, but still has problems understanding modern art

Bob looks for his cousin Nessy in Lake Wanaka in New Zealand.

Bob likes Autumn, he can hide in the trees

Given up on Nessy in Wanaka, he tries for Howie in Lake Hawea instead

Bob gets his photo taken at Lake Tekapo with Mount Cook in the background.

When travelling, Bob gets a camper van all to himself.

New Zealand safely conquered, Bob sets his sights on Australia...

Guess what? Bob's back...

Bob's been up to new things, seeing the country side and communicating with the Universe...




Guess what? Bob's been travelling again. This time he took on New South Wales.

Anyone for cricket?

This is a Bob sized dish

Bob's not afraid of cosmic rays. They make Bob big and strong

That's not a big dish

See, Bob doing science!

Bob will take on any dish that points at him.

See, Bob likes culture

Even Bob has to get the tourist shot... and mutter at his photographer for not being better at focusing

Hiding in the bushes, waiting for prey

No one will ever suspect Bob in here.

After conquering the Sydney Harbour Bridge, new challenges await

Looking out at the distant horizons and worlds left to conquor.

In 2017, Bob went to the US...

Finding a relative at the University of Wyoming Geology Museum in Laramie

Discovering how the earth works. And yes, it all revolves around Bob

Pondering progressing into Engineering

Airports just become a blur when you fly as much as him. Denver he thinks.

Conscripting one of the locals for a ride

Sneaking a drink in Vegas. Bob doesn't do the flashy places

Taking in the sights of Hoover Dam

More sights of Hoover Dam.

Bob doesn't pay attention to signs

Bob comendeering a train for his own use

Bob discovers climbing and the Grand Canyon might not go well together

Bob knows not to get too close to the edge

Slightly better at climbing now

Bob has to admit, he is impressed with the side of the hole.

Just taking in the view

Shade and a view!

Lurking in the bushes while waiting for unsuspecting sunbathers

Bob treking across the desolate plains of Death Valley

There are some warnings even Bob pays attention to

Lurking ready to pounce on unsuspecting prey

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