I have some bad news Indianna died in the spring of 1999. The cause was diagnosed as a massive bacterial infection, probably excabated by polution in the harbour. May her soul remain swimming free. For some better news, Mila is due with another calf any time now (December) and hopefully this calf will fair better.

In between Christmas Day and New Years Eve 1999 the remaining three dolphins at Underwater World (Milah, Rajah and Echo) died. Originally it was thought to be a combination of stress and polution. It took six months, but the results from the autopsies have come back. They were deliberately poisoned. Three innocent dolphins murdered by some uncaring human and we have the gall to call ourselves civilised and intelligent. I hope the dolphins have found some place better.

Rajah (36k)

Echo & Mila (41k)

Echo (38k)

Echo (33k)

Mila {little bit of Indiana} (31k)

Rajah (19k)

Mila (34k)
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