Everybody likes pictures of dolphins, so here are some of mine. Click on the smaller image for a larger pic. The page roughly goes in chronological order, more recent photos at the top, older ones towards the bottom.

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I've got all four of the dolphins here - Milah, Kela, Raja and Indiana who was only 15months old.

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I would also like to point out I really like that first pic. Yes, I was half a second too slow, but I love the way I caught the water rippling along her skin. If you are planning on taking pictures of dolphins I would recommend a good quality camera. The shots above were taken with a Pentax MZ50, a really nice camera, but the auto-focus is just too slow. The others were taken with an old Pentax SLR, a lot more fiddly, but a lot more control.

The following images were taken during a trip we made up North during January of 1997. For those who are interested, it was long, hot and a great deal of fun. Actually anywhere along the beach was great, but inland it was very hot. At "The Overlander" (turn off to Monkey Mia) it was a mere 47 degrees C at 3:30 in the afternoon in the shade. I know this because they are kind enough to provide a thermometer beside the door. Luckily we wemt up in a nice air conditioned car. Unfortunately it was so hot that the car overheated if we turned the airconditioning on. This made it a long trip.

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These two pics are from UnderWater World when I went their with a friend around July 1997. To be honest, I can't tell you which dolphin is which. But I'm pretty sure there is Milah, Kela and Rajah in one. I think the solo dolphin is Milah.

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The following pictures were taken years ago at Underwater World and at Monkey Mia. I think the Underwater World trip was around 1992. The Monkey Mia shots were taken on a trip up north in 1988.

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